Best Eye shadow Stamp in offer

The eyeshadow stamp helps make eye shadows within seconds. Simply put the paste or eyeshadow on the stamp and then press it on the eyelid. The eyeshadow stamp will work more or less on all types of eye sizes. And, more than one people can also use a single eyeshadow stamp as well.

Hkfv Amazing Superb Creative Eyeshadow Decor Stamp Lazy Eye Shadow Applicator Eyeshadow Printing Eyes Makeup Eyeshadow Party 1Pc Silicone

  • Size:5x6cm
  • 100% high quality silicone applicator
  • Party eyes makeup decoration amazing charming
  • Trendy creative makeup tools as a best gift to your female friends
  • Pop lazy eye makeup stamp for creating charming eye outline in few seconds

Price Rs.900.00-850.00

Glamoras Silicon Crease Eyeshadow Stamp Glittering Lazy Applicator (Black)

  • Brand name : Glamoras
  • Quantity: 1Pcs Eyeshadow Stamp Makeup, Ingredient: Magic Eyeshadow Stamp, Size: Full Size, Country/Region of Manufacture: China, Type: Eye Shadow, Item: Crease Stamp, Type: Instant Eyeshadow Stamp Crease, Feature: Eye Shadow Seal Stamp Crease
  • Package Includes : 1pc.

Price Rs.700.00-850.00

creazy shimmer two-color stamp eyeshadow palette makeup powder flexibility lasting (a)

  • number of colors: 2colors
  • features: waterproof
  • materials: mixed substances

Price Rs.1500.00-1650.00

Adpartner Eyeshadow Stamp Lazy Applicator Crease with Winged Eyeliner Stamps

  • Type: eye shadow applicator crease with winged eyeliner stamps
  • Perfect for makeup beginners, quick eyes beauty make up
  • Draw your personalized multi-level eyeshadow in seconds

Price Rs.1600.00-1750.00

Kiss i-envy brow stamp kit Dark brown Makeup, 1 Count

  • 1 Piece -
  • 1 Left Stamp, 1 Right Stamp And 1 Brow Powder,
  • For Perfect, Evenly Shaped Brows,
  • 1 Second Shape And Fill,
  • No Mess, No Fail
  • Warranty not applicable in India for items sold by Amazon Export Sales LLC

Price Rs.1600.00-1750.00

Crystal Diamond: Ikibity Eye Shadow Stamp Crease, Lazy Eyes Makeup Tool, Precise Eyeshadow In Seconds, Eyeshadow Applicator With Crystal Diamond Handle (3 Sizes)

  • Ikibity crystal diamond: ikibity eye shadow stamp crease, lazy eyes makeup tool, precise eyeshadow in seconds, eyeshadow applicator with crystal diamond handle (3 sizes)
  • 1. Easy to use. First, apply eyeshadow powder on the eye shadow stamp. Then, brush up flash eyeshadow on the first layer. After that, use the stamp to cover your eyes. Now, a double color glitter eye shadow is glittering on your eyes, which makes you look so charming
  • Imported from usa
  • Package inludes 1 piece

Price Rs.4400.00-4550.00

Erxvxp Black Stamp: Lazy Eyeshadow Applicator Silicon Stamp Crease Perfect Eye Contour Popular Makeup Tool Original Factory (Black Stamp)

  • Erxvxp black stamp: lazy eyeshadow applicator silicon stamp crease perfect eye contour popular makeup tool original factory (black stamp)
  • 100% high quality silicone applicator
  • Imported from usa
  • Package inludes 1 piece

Price Rs.3200.00-3300.00

chbeautyu eyeshadow stamp crease make precise eyeshadow in seconds (crystal)

  • chbeautyu eyeshadow stamp crease make precise eyeshadow in seconds (crystal)
  • BRAND : chbeautyu

Price Rs.2100.00-2500.00

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